EBRAINS CoCreate Artificial Intelligence is a series of workshops that strategically identify and define research and innovation activities for artificial intelligencemeasures relevant to the neuroscience platform ebrains.eu. Through transdisciplinary collaboration between 1) users of the EBRAINS platform such as neuroscientists, computer scientists and developers and 2) potential collaborators such as industry, policy makers and CSOs mediated as well as mediators such as 3) facilitators, journalists and artists for adequate information flow (elaborated below), the aim is to exceed current R&I prioritisation dependent on institutional thoughts or disciplinary boundaries, implemented a vision based strategy.

The transdisciplinary vision based methodology behind EBRAINS CoCreate allows for a fuller understanding of societal needs relevant to AI in neuroscience and neuroinspired technologies, a key element when identifying and prioritising R&I activities strategically in a hyper-complex and specialized reality.

You will be able to find the finalised roadmap on this page when the workshops are done, and you can join the discussions and read more about the research and innovation activities proposed on community.ebrains.eu.

Below you find the drafts on the roadmap that is currently being created, together with a process overview from the five phases and workshops: 1 – Information phase, 2 – Vision Workshop, 3 – First Roadmap session, 4 – second roadmap session.


Roadmaps Illustrations from workshop 4 (January 2022)


All Process documents

[Open Research Agenda Setting Document]

EBRAINS CoCreate Artifical Intelligence Process

You can read about the process, listen to the EBRAINS CoCreate Artifical podcasts, join community.ebrains.eu, and look into the library established during the process.

For any questions regarding this process please contact Anna Kierkegaard on ak@tekno.dk or the entire EBRAINS Community building team on community@ebrains.eu.




The information phase

In an attempt to open up the process and make it more inclusive, the keynote speakers where invited to create a podcast, that you can listen to below. If you want to learn even more, feel free to join community.ebrains.eu and become a member of the EBRAINS Community.

Keynote Speakers

Agata Wlaszczyk Young Researchers at Danish Technological University, Cognitive Systems. Link to speak.

Asunción Gómez-Pérez – EBRAINS board of directors, founding member of EBRAINS, vice rector at UPM. Link to speak.

Lise Bitsch, lead for Responsible Research and Innovation in the project behind EBRAINS, the human brain project. Link to speak.

Pola Elisabeth Schwöbel, Young Researchers at Danish Technological University, Cognitive Systems. (to be published)

Thibaud Dumas, Incubator Director at Matrice neuroscientist and entrepreneur. Link to speak.

Keynote speaks in podcast format

[Keynote Speakers’ podcast transcribes]
[WS Agenda]
[list of participants]

Working area in Mural

Mural link

[Community space – community.ebrains.eu]

2. Vision Workshop


Lars Klüver, Director, Danish Board of Technology

Mural Workspace

Link: Mural


Living Document from roadmap workshop

3. First Roadmap Session


Guillermo Velasco, Scientific Manager UPM – Innovation & Technology Transfer HBP Human Brain Project, Strategic Foresight and Future Scenarios, Phd.

Mural Workspace

Link: Mural

4. Second Roadmap Session

Mural workspace

Link: Mural