Citizens’ priorities of Denmark’s land use in the future

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation conducted a largescale citizens’ summit on the 23rd of January 2016 where 250 from all over the country participated. Here citizens debated what Denmark should look like in the future. The cities are expanding into the countryside, there is a need for more roads and railroads and at the same time, agriculture as well as nature needs space. The politicians have plans and wishes that would take up a total of 130% of the land available, but alas, we have only 100%. What should be prioritized? Is there something which we need more or possibly less of? Can several different functions be combined in one area?


Facts on ‘The Danish land use in the Future’

The citizens’ summit was based on the fact that the Danish landscape has to meet with an increasing number of needs and priorities must be made in time to avoid large conflicts as a result of the many opposing interests which are impossible to avoid in a densely populated country such as Denmark. As an example, wind wills on land provides cheap and sustainable energy, yet nobody wants them and there are plans to double the current forest area in Denmark, but where can it done? The fight over square meters in Denmark receives much attention and this project has a Future panel made up of parliamentary politicians, representatives from each political party, attached. A great number of experts participate in the project as well but it is equally important to hear what our citizens think about the future Danish land use.