Creating society together

Who we are

We are a not-for-profit organization working for the common good. Our mission is to shape society’s development by informed and forward-looking collaboration between citizens, experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers - both internationally and nationally.
This can only be created through constructive processes where everyone contributes. We have more than 30 years of experience in engaging citizens, stakeholders, and other relevant actors in decision-making processes, in a way in which citizens are equipped to participate qualified in the solution of specific problems in the society.

Our team consists of academic Project Managers within a broad area of competence, skilled and ambitious Student Assistants & Trainees.

What we do

We work with everything from information and decision-making worldwide to planning future climate adaptation in municipalities.

We participate and coordinate large European projects that have an impact on major guidelines and decisions in all of Europe. And we also work for Danish municipalities, counties, and ministries.

Our mission is to engage citizens and relevant experts in decision-making processes to - Create Society Together. That way we find solutions that last in the long run!