The mission of the Foundation is to ensure that society’s development is shaped by informed and forward-looking cooperation between citizens, experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

To this end the Foundation performs and facilitates technology assessment and foresight, public engagement, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and new forms of governance.


1. October, 2020

Inspired by the Apollo 11 mission’s goal of putting a man on the moon, the EU Commission and has launched the EU Missions, which will address some of the major societal challenges we are faced with.

The Commission has defined the five following areas, which will be each be addressed by a mission: ·

  • Conquering Cancer
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Societal Transformation
  • Climate-neutral and Smart Cities
  • Soil Health and Food
  • Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters

Each mission will be organized as a flagship project – large-scale, multi-disciplinary research and innovation projects, that aim to create research and innovation that generates new knowledge and technology, along with concrete solutions and proposals for political action

Technology with and for society

6. October, 2020

SocKETs – Citizens make industrial development more relevant for society

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) potentially have great impact on society and on relations between humans and technology. The EU Commission defines KETs as the true raw materials for innovation and the green economy, and such cutting-edge technologies are building blocks of new products in the fields of food, health and industry.

Technology development aligned with the needs of citizens

KETs are important for the development of sustainable solutions and for our engagement in the societal challenges. Examples of key enabling technologies are nano technology, biotech, Internet of things (iot), blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Because of the great societal potential, it is critical for the industrial development to consider priorities, expectations and concerns of the citizens in innovation processes. In the years 2020-2023, the SocKETs project will test and develop methods to engage citizens in the use of new innovative technologies.