Climate & Nature

How do we find sustainable climate solutions?

How do we find solutions that enable us to adapt to climate change? Read more

Foto: National Cancer institution

Responsible research & innovation

Research activities should take into account society and the environment and con

Responsible research and innovation (RRI)Read more

Democracy & Citizen engagement

What if we gave all people a voice?

Democracy and civic engagement are important to our society because they create robust solutions. Read more

Green transition

Does it help that we all sort our waste?

Recycling is the key word in the green transition - a joint effort is needed. Read more


What should we focus on when we talk health?

Public health, pandemics, health care priorities Read more


Technology assessment

What are the positive and negative consequences of technology?Read more

Education & Labour market

What should the education of the future look like?

Should we be ready to educate ourselves and retrain our whole lives? Read more