Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations can help shape our future, and we believe society is something we create together. Our mission is to ensure everyone is heard in deliberative processes so we can take on tomorrow’s challenges together. We have done so since the establishment of the Danish Board of Technology in 1986, and we make sure the insights we get reach policy makers.    

We do so in a variety of ways, including:   

  • Policy recommendations for local, regional and national authorities across the EU, for example 300 policy briefs to the Danish Parliament through the years
  • Active involvement in international networks on policy development and deliberation  
  • We are always exploring new ways to ensure citizen involvement in policy making – through webinars, sharing our best practices about good policy development with authorities, academia, students,   


Our approach is to crystallize the key messages into policy recommendations, tailoring it to busy policy makers. We’re here to find solutions to society’s grand challenges with you.