Merger of organisations

A large new organization will join citizens and societal actors in solving the key challenges of our time

The Danish Board of Technology and DeltagerDanmark [ParticipationDenmark] are joining forces to become a powerhouse within deliberation and participatory processes. The merger provides a unique platform to help address the biggest societal challenges of our time on a local, national, and international level.  


The climate crisis is upon us, and technology is developing at warp speed. Societal shifts like these can challenge the capacity of our political systems. Fortunately experiments with the engagement of citizens and stakeholders in direct problem solving are proliferating. When more societal actors are engaged, it strengthens our democracies, our ability to act, and the speed at which new innovations and technologies are adopted and integrated wisely.  


With this merger, we seek to create a leading-edge capacity for supporting key decision makers in the development of dynamic partnerships around key societal challenges.  

Formally we are now preparing the legal, economic, and organizational aspects in both organizations in order to finalize the merger in the first quarter of 2023.  


The Director of DeltagerDanmark, Rune Baastrup, will be the Director of the organization and has already started acting as such. Bjørn Bedsted (former Acting Director of the Danish Board of Technology) will continue as Deputy Director. The name of the new organization is yet to be decided.  


Our ambition is to be the preferred partner for public authorities and civil society with the capacity to run partnerships, organize communities, and to advise, analyze, involve, and increase targeted actions from the local to the international level. 


With more than 30 years of experience, the Danish Board of Technology holds a unique, international position in citizen participation and participatory technology assessment. The current portfolio includes working with the EU institutions in the areas of technological innovation, citizen participation, and sustainable energy. It has designed and implemented citizens’ assemblies on the Future of Europe for the EU Commission, the Council, and the Parliament, and is currently organizing several citizen panels for the EU Commission. In Denmark, the Danish Board of Technology has hosted processes on all levels of government and set the agenda for national debates on land use, climate adaptation, and more.  


DeltagerDanmark is a frontrunner on climate, sustainable work-life, and the creation of actionable communities and holds a prominent role in the large 43M Velux financed 70-in-30 project. DeltagerDanmark runs partnerships with several Danish municipalities to increase speed, quality, and engagement in the green transition through a focus on topics like sustainable energy and a climate-friendly lifestyles.  


Assets and employees of DeltagerDanmark will formally be transferred to the Danish Board of Technology and the organization will continue as a non-profit commercial foundation. Both organizations have grown significantly in the last few years and the new organization will house 65 employees and have a total revenue of 5,3M.  


About Rune Baastrup 

Rune Baastrup, a sociologist from the University of Copenhagen, is the Director of DeltagerDanmark which he co-founded in 2016. He is the author of several books on democracy, participation, economics, and planetary boundaries. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School.  


Publication of Merger