Prioritizing the Future Danish Land Use

The plans and visions for the future land use in Denmark are comprehensive and prioritizations must be made. The cities are expanding, we need more roads and railroads and at the same time, agriculture and nature needs space. It has been decided that our forests are to be expanded and the rising sea levels are causing coastal erosion, making the available areas smaller. In a densely populated country such as Denmark, conflicts between conflicting interests are imminent and the rethinking of our planning is urgent.

At present, there are plans for 30% more than the land available. In an attempt to tackle this challenge, The Danish Board of Technology Foundation has launched a large 2-year-project “Prioritizing the Future Danish Land Use”, funded by THE VELUX FOUNDATION. The intent is to spark a wide public debate, increase media awareness and to avoid conflicts in future planning. This project will attempt to produce synergies and recommendations for policy makers with regard to present and future possible land use in Denmark.


The project is based on a wide selection of communicative methods and inputs such as scientific background reports, feature articles, a parliamentary future panel, contact to environmental journalists, national media, a national citizens’ summit, two TV-broadcasted parliamentary hearings and a themed magazine in cooperation with The Danish Town Planning Institute.

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