Water supply in Denmark

July 1, 2011

Drinking water – clean water, but how?

99% of the water we drink in Denmark comes straight from the groundwater and does not need a lot of cleaning. The resources are reaching their limits and the ground water is now polluted different places across the country and therefore not drinkable. The farming in the countryside has the biggest and a crucial effect on the drinking water because of pollution like pesticides and fertilizers (nitrates). How can we ensure the drinking water in the future?

This project contributed to the debate on how to ensure clean drinking water. It is important to inform the public about the challenges and solutions, but also to gather the citizens’ views and recommendations on these matters.

The Minister for the Environment placed a hearing on the 6th of April 2011 and on the 2nd of April The Danish Board of Technology held a conference in the parliament with 180 citizens. Th citizens could vote for four different solutions on how to solve the problem.
The Danish Board of Technology held a similar conference back in 1995. The topic is as important today as then.