How we work

Engagement is many things

The world is facing complex problems and radical changes. To find the best and most robust solutions, we need to listen to many different voices: citizens, stakeholders and experts. Voices that can be passed on to policy makers.


Do you need to solve difficult problems?

We help you listen. When we listen to each other, we find the best solutions to complicated challenges. Therefore, the Danish Board of Technology works with engagement at municipal, national and international level on difficult and controversial issues. We have been doing this for over 30 years, and are an internationally recognized expert in the field of engagement.


We have insight into complex issues, extensive experience in creating constructive cooperation between citizens, politicians, stakeholders and experts, and a well-stocked toolbox for it.

Involvement is many things, the many types of involvement can be somewhat different. Here you can read a little more about a selection of our methods. Together we find the methods that work best in relation to your task.



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