October 16, 2018

If we are to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement energy consumption in Europe needs to be reduced.

ECO2 will help energy consumers throughout the European Union to become conscious about their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency.

ECO2 is a unique dynamic e-learning platform which will both engage the average energy consumer and help them consume less energy. They will be motivated, they will explore and finally they will take action – becoming energy efficient.

The e-learning platform will also provide precious information about the different consumer groups and their propensity for changing their energy consumption and readiness to invest in energy efficient measures.

ECO2 will guide the users to take action on these five important themes:

  • Change the house – limiting the carbon footprint of the house and its appliances
  • Smart Consumers – using and understanding ICT energy equipment
  • My Energy Consumption – understanding energy language and energy bills
  • No Rebound – avoiding new energy consuming habits
  • Making My Energy – producing my own energy

This exploration of the platform users will result in a set of guidelines:

  • What do the users need in order to change their energy consumption?
  • What is the best combination of engagement and information?
  • Which individual and group processes are the best for people at the different steps towards change?
  • How can different consumer segments best be supported?
  • Which forms of content are needed for people to engage in changing their energy consumption?
  • How can consumers validate their energy saving options so they can see the impact?

You can read more about the project here