The Region of Southern Denmark held a citizens’ summit on The hospital of the future

September 20, 2007

As in the other four new regions in Denmark, the politicians of the Region of Southern Denmark had to decide on how the emergency reception of citizens will be handled in the future.

Emergency reception is the part of our health care system which is responsible for acutely ill and injured citizens. On September 1st, 2007, the politicians of the Region of Southern Denmark held a citizens’ summit where approximately 300 citizens met at Vejle Center and presented their different points of view. The citizens were given the following questions on that day:

“What is quality according to the citizens of this region, when talking about the future hospitals, and what is particularly important for the politicians to consider when making decisions?”

”What specific ideas and suggestions do the citizens have for steps to be taken – outside the health care system as well – in order to insure a world class health care system in the Region of Southern Denmark; a health care system where we all feel safe and secure.”

It was these questions that 300 citizens from all over the Region of Southern Denmark debated and answered for the politicians from The Regional Council. At the tables, the citizens worked together on how to articulate their suggestions. These suggestions were intended to further qualify the politicians’ basis for decisions which were to be made in December, 2007.

The many different opinions presented at the citizens’ summit were gathered during the day and presented to the participants and politicians as a first edition in the catalogue “The citizens’ views” at the end of the summit.