Sting Pollinators – engagement of civil society on the issue of wild pollinator decline

The goal of the project is to develop methods for citizen engagement on the biodiversity crisis, so that we can solve it together.

Wild pollinators are like many other insects threatened, in the so-called 6th mass extinction. This is especially due to to the developments in agriculture, both in terms of scope and practices. In order to suceed in solving the biodiversity crisis, it is important that everybody understands our common connection to pollinators, especially in terms of our food production that depends on pollination. But also that everyone knows that they can contribute to solving the crisis, and give inputs on many levels. Then it becomes a common project of society, and not just a project for experts and farmers to save the endagered species.


In the spring of 2022 we will therefor host two events on Danish farms, one conventional and one organic, in collaboration with the local municipalities. Here 30 citizens will participate, and develop local solutions in cooperation with farmers. The role of the Danish Board of Technology is to design and facilitate these events and dialogues, and extract meaningfull methods for civil society engagement.


The project is part of a larger projet of EU’s DG Envi to save the wild pollinators, and the DBT hosts the Danish participation. Further 4 other EU countries are participating. The project started in the fall of 2021 and lasts until summer 2022.