Robotics4EU -Boosting Wider Adoption of Robotics in Europe

How does a robot become a responsible robot? And who is responsible if the robot has a negative effect on humans or our surroundings?

Robot technology is gaining momentum and has the potential to transform several aspects of the way we live and work. Robot technology can raise efficiency and safety levels in our workplaces and even improve service. In addition, it can become the driving technology that supports a whole new generation of autonomous devices that can “think and reason”. Thereby, the robots can learn to interact with the world around them. But as technology evolves, it also becomes more and more important that we look into the ethical and societal questions of current and future robot innovation. Robotics4EU – builds a bridge between citizens, companies, and policy makers with the goal of developing responsible robot technology. It is a large international project that deals with responsible robot technology within these four focus areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Inspection and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Agri-food
  • Agile production

The EU-funded project Robotics4EU will ensure a wider acceptance and use of (AI-based) robots that take into account the non-technological aspects of ethics, legislation, socio-economic dilemmas, data, security, gender and culture. The project works to strengthen the Danish and European robot society to work with responsible research and innovation within robot technology. The Danish Board of Technology is responsible for developing methods and arranging and facilitating the citizen involvement process, which takes into account citizens’ ideas, values, concerns and perspectives of both technological and non-technological aspects.


Sustainable robot technology

In this project, Danish and European robot companies get a unique opportunity to test their business ideas and products in a socio-technical context. Here we will together explore and ask questions about how the robot can contribute both positively and negatively to society now and in the future. By involving the citizens in the development of robot technology, we support companies in creating sustainable solutions that are in line with the citizens’ values and wishes for how and to what extent the robot technology of the future should shape our society.


Debate about AI and Robots

The ethical debate about robot technology has exploded in recent years as the technology becomes more advanced. Therefore, this project makes itself particularly relevant as it addresses the debate before the challenges grow too big. The project builds on methods used in projects such as the Human Brain Project, which also uncovered citizens’ opinions about AI. In addition, the project continuously coordinates with the large European project AI4EU.


Robot technology has a great potential to solve many of the challenges facing humanity with climate change, an aging burden, and a increasing need for food production. But it is necessary to address the dilemmas and challenges that technology faces – otherwise it will not succeed in creating enough support and trust in the population for a widespread acceptance and use of the new technology. This project will take this debate and create a space where citizens, businesses and decision makers can meet and find common solutions while building trust and understanding.


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