Rethink – Rethink science communication

Communication of science
Due to digitalization, access to information has exploded. Consequently, it has become harder to critically assess new information and thereby easier to disregard scientific evidence as “just another opinion”. This requires us to rethink the newly emerging science communication landscape to ensure the quality of interactions between actors involved.

The process
The project consists of two main phases. During the first phase, partners observe and analyze the current science communication practices in seven countries. In the second phase, the partners focus on producing concrete outcomes contributing to both the theory and practice of science communication such as: Quality criteria, training programs, and guidelines and strategies for enhancing accuracy, openness, and reflexivity targeted at practitioners, scientists, and policy makers.

Future communication
In sum, the aim of the project is support science communicators (e g journalists, scientists, and policy makers) in improving the quality of their communication in order to enable a more constructive relation between science and society.

Part of the same H2020 call are the projects QUEST and Concise, which Rethink is currently seeking to establish working relations with.