KNOCA – International Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies

Climate Assemblies are increasingly being used in a variety of different European countries at different scales of governance to inform policy responses and social action on climate change. Appetite is growing in countries that have not yet used such processes to explore the possibility of doing so, and to draw on existing experiences and models. As a result of growing and diverse practice, the knowledge and expertise of policymakers, academics, and civil society actors is increasing in the use of such innovative approaches. But this knowledge and expertise is diffuse. KNOCA brings together this varied expertise to explore challenges in the design and application of Climate Assemblies and promote best practice for those organising and advocating for Climate Assemblies.


Engagement of a knowledge network

KNOCA brings together policy makers, academics, civil society activists and others, working on either climate policy or deliberative democracy, to foster public debate on citizen participation in climate policy-making. The network (1) collate and coordinate research on previous and ongoing climate assemblies; (2) coordinate learning from the broader experience of deliberative mini-publics and other relevant participatory processes; (3) bridge the knowledge gap between deliberative democracy and climate policy and other relevant fields of activity; (4) provide evidence-based advice to public authorities and CSOs about both the design and implementation of climate assemblies and the conditions that need to be in place for them to have an impact on political decision making and broader societal action.


Engagement of the citizens

Climate assemblies are great for engaging ordinary citizens in climate policies in order to create legitimate political solutions. Consequently, it is important that the use of these assemblies draws on the latest experience and the best accessible knowledge to ensure good results.


Danish projects with climate assembly

The Danish Board Technology facilitates the Danish climate assembly and takes part in a number of citizen engagement networks. What distinguishes KNOCA is that it bridges the fields of climate policy and deliberative democracy.


Find knowledge

Thus, KNOCA is the ’go to’ place for those seeking considered, rigorous and widely-sourced input on the design and implementation of climate assemblies.


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