Human Brain Project

September 26, 2016

Human Brain Project (HBP) is a H2020 FET Flagship which strives to accelerate the fields of neuroscience, brain inspired computing and brain-related medicine. This acceleration will be achieved by a strategic alignment of scientific research programmes in fundamental neuroscience, advanced simulation and multi-scale modelling with the construction of an enabling Research Infrastructure.

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation is part of the HBP ’Ethics and Society’ that promotes and implements the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in an ethically sound way that corresponds to the interests of the European society.

In our work we aim to engage the society in social, ethical, legal and cultural issues arising from the research and technological developments in HBP.



3d rendering of human brain on technology background

In short we organise:

  • Citizens meetings where ethical, legal, cultural and societal and legal issues related to HBP research are debated. issues related to data security and protection, bioethics, informed consent and potential military applications of HBP technologies (dual use).
  • Stakeholder Dialogues which promote dialogue between HBP scientists and external stakeholders, experts and decision makers on issues of possible controversy and immediate relevance to the HBP.


HBP was launched in October 2013 and is scheduled to run over a 10 year period. The project has a total budget of 1 billion Euro.



No. 1 Living up to privacy and informed consent in the Human Brain Project (December 2014)

No. 2 Opening up the Human Brain Project (HBP) to the neuroscience community  (October 2015)

No. 3 EU citizens want to be informed of the use of their personal data  (October 2016)

No. 4 Opening up the discussion on dual use in the Human Brain Project (HBP)  (October 2016)

No. 5 Directions for using federated data in clinical practice (November 2017)

No. 6. Beyond the legal requirements of data driven research (April 2018)

No. 7 Dealing with dual use of HBP research – The citizens’ perspective (August 2018)

Nr. 8: A 360-degree evaluation of AI: Recommendations for action (March 2020)

Lessons learned from 7 years of engagement in the Human Brain Project (March 2020)



You can read more about HBP Public Engagement Events here.

The activities include online and face-to-face meetings. The outcome of the engagement events are communicated in ‘HBP Citizens, stakeholders and expert newsletters’



Members of ‘Ethics & Society’

Ethic and Society (SP12) Leader: Kathinka EVERS

Deputy SP Leader: Lars KLÜVER

SP Manager: Lise BITSCH

Work Package Leaders:


The Foresight Lab  (King’s College London)

Neuroethics and Neurophilosophy  (Uppsala Universitet)


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Co-funded by the European Union