GreenSME – Empowering SME’s towards green, social and digital sustainability

The European Green Deal are working to make EU´s economy sustainable, ressource efficient and climate neutral within 20250. In the EU project GreenSME, the Danish Board of Technology takes part in empowering of the sustainable strategy among SME´s.


How do we achieve the Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals? 

Europe’s industry is among the main drivers of the European economy and is a must to achieve the SDGs and the Green Deal goals. To achieve the goals, it is important that SMEs across Europe take part in the green transition and start upskilling to implement new sustainable strategies in their business models. This project is tasked with supporting this development and it will be done through a brand new online platform.

The GreenSME project will support and advise SMEs in their transition to sustainable business models. The project has developed a “sustainability assessment tool” to identify the key challenges to be considered in order to achieve sustainability within selected industrial companies. As a large part of the project, an Online Community will be created where industrial SMEs will have the opportunity to meet other similar organizations to share knowledge and experiences. Through the platform’s online forum, industrial SMEs can be helped to adopt new advanced technologies (AT) and social innovation practices to support the sustainable development of the organisation that ultimately promotes climate neutrality and benefits our society.


What is a HUB? 

The projects multi-fuctional Online Community is called a HUB and is primary constituent of tree elements.

The Hub is a multi-functional platform with three key elements:

One-Stop-Shop: Find everything you and your company need, from networking events in your region to best practices and training opportunities.

Stakeholder Meeting Point: As a Member, you will have a Company Profile outlining your needs and interests, allowing fast connections with the right Advanced Technology (AT) providers and social innovation experts. Our match-making portal connects challenges with solutions.

Members-only Features:  Members will have access to exclusive events and get started straightway on their sustainability journey by completing the Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). Members are also invited to our forum, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange. Furthermore it will be possible to apply for money for the transition in the SME´s when using the HUB to find the mathed povider of technology. The first opportunity to apply for the Open Call will be in June 2023!

The Danish Board of Technologys work

To support the progress of SMEs, it is our task to work on building the Community within the HUB, as an online meeting place for industrial SMEs across the EU and their transition to a more sustainable business model. Through our experience from previous work with the development and establishment of an Online Community within brain research in the project EBRAINS, we use our special experience and qualifications in this project. We look forward to take part in the green transition from a new angle and creating Community and Communication between all concerned SMEs and providers. 


Do you know an industrial SME or a Supplier who might be interested?

Please share the message and the opportunity about the project! Read more about the project and sign-up to the platform here:

GreenSME Online Community




This project has received funding from the European Union´s Europe Programme under grant agreement no. 101058613