GreenSCENT – Education and action for a green future

The purpose of the European Green Deal is to prepare the citizens and the coming generations wellbeing and health. But the European citizens lack the ability and knowledge of what they actually can do to obtain this.

GreenSCENT – Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future aims to equip the citizens with the competencies necessary. The approach will be based on participation, experience and learning by doing – and it will be tested in various European regions and at all educational levels – from ground school to higher education and post graduate courses.

The purpose is to change the citizens’ behavior so they can be the ones who take action, in order to reach the goals of the Green Deal.


Through the efforts of this project the Eropean citizens will gain access to a whole new set of competencies which will empower them to act on their own accord, when it comes to sustainability, the environment and the climate.