Final document of the consensus conference on genetically-modified foods

In the days 12 – 15 March 1999, the Danish Board of Technology held a consensus conference on genetically-modified foods.

The backdrop for the conference is the population’s continued scepticism about genetically-modified foods. Why does this scepticism persevere and how are we to relate to genetically-modified foods now that they are gaining ground on the shelves of Danish supermarkets?

The Danish Board of Technology gathered a panel of citizens and asked them to consider genetically-modified foods. Based on introductory material prepared by the Danish Board of Technology, the 14 citizens invited a group of experts.

During the first two days of the conference, the experts answered questions from the panel. On the last day of the conference, the panel presented this final document which, based on the expert presentations, contains the evaluations and recommendations on which the panel could agree.

Thus, the final document should be perceived as an expression of the citizens’ viewpoints, and the Danish Board of Technology hopes that the evaluations and recommendations will emerge in the continued debate on the subject and strengthen the dialogue between decision-makers and citizens.

Søren Gram
Project Manager