EUth – Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe

The aim of EUth is to get more young people involved in political decision-making and increase youth trust in European political institutions.This will be achieved by developing technical support: an open and easy-to-use online participation platform along with different mobile tools and apps for smartphones and tablets. After the project’s termination the platform can be embedded into one’s own web presence.

Additionally, concomitant services will be delivered such as a practical support tool and advice on how to set up concrete projects when using the EUth software. Country specific guidelines and recommendations on how to overcome key barriers are offered as well.

All features and tools of the platform are going to be tested in three pilot projects: AEGEE, one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organizations, will use EUth-systems to improve communication and discussion processes with its members. The City of Paris and the French Federation of Community Centers will implement EUth-systems in order to foster youth empowerment and inclusion in their respective fields of action. In Italy and Slovenia a cross-border pilot will aim at initiating young community managers who will then implement new policies in co-operation with their local administrations.

Finally, EUth deploys a very innovative dissemination strategy: To really increase the quality and quantity of youth e-participation ERYICA, the European Youth Information and Counseling Agency with its network of 34 umbrella organizations, will support 10 of its members with 10.000 €, in order to initiate digital participation projects with EUth-software.