Climate-adapted near sea urban development in Aabenraa

The Danish Board of Technology has prepared four narrative scenarios for the municipality of Aabenraa. These scenarios are part of the Project Aabenraa and the Fjord, one of eight pilot projects under Realdania’s urban efforts and rising seawater. The project is supported by Realdania in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.


The municipality of Aabenraa wants to climate-adapt the development of the urban and port area and they want to explore alternative future opportunities in order to link the fjord more closely with the city in order to minimise the perceived and real risk of flooding. The narrative scenarios should be based on different uses of port areas and how the climate adaptation of the urban and port areas would take shape in the light of this. How is the risk picture linked to the operation and design of the port areas? Such narrative scenarios should then be used to start a debate on the future uses and climate adaptation of Aabenraa.


Project output

The process for the Construction and Preparation of Scenarios for Port Urban Development with Climate Protection for Aabenraa included a series of workshops and interviews with DN Aabenraa, Aabenraa Harbour, City Management, Arwos Forsyning, Campus Council and several representatives from the municipality within the Tourism and Culture Area. These workshops and interviews were organised, facilitated and analysed by the Technology Council, after which the experience was used as input for the design of scenarios; output is 4 scenarios based on a narrative description. The scenarios are designed at an overall level and act as a communication tool around complex challenges as well as a strategy tool.


The four scenarios each have their own starting point;

  • Scenario 1 – We look at time and the art of the possible is the leader
  • Scenario 2 – Primary residential in the harbour areas
  • Scenario 3 – Active port and residential go hand in hand
  • Scenario 4 – Masterplan containing withdrawal, recreation and lower dwelling


The scenarios illuminate different paths to go, which can subsequently form the starting point for dialogue, compromises and multifunctional solutions. Thus, it is not intended to ‘select’ between scenarios, but that elements from the different scenarios can be included in a subsequent qualification.