Democracy and civic engagement are important to our society because they create robust solutions.

We involve more voices in the development of society.
When the Danish Technology Council is involved in projects and programs that are about moving society and finding solutions to complex societal challenges, we involve as many people as possible in the work. Both interest groups, experts and other stakeholders. But not least the citizens are important to take advice when making political decisions or making plans.
Some citizens are organized into networks, associations and political groupings. But many are not, and we are committed to involving the many who do not already have a mouthpiece or a platform.
It is the Technology Council's experience that it creates good and robust solutions when the involvement of society's many actors is taken seriously.
When we involve a diverse group of citizens and stakeholders in a structured and facilitated process, the actors become wiser about both their own and each other's attitudes. It increases the possibility of finding new, common and long-term solutions to political issues.