Seminar on ‘Expert dialogue on multi-level data federation in the Human Brain Project’

March 30, 2015

The seminar was organised as a follow-up to a two-part webinar that took place on May 7th 2014. The seminar lasted two days and took place in October 2014  in Copenhagen. The agenda included short background presentations followed by group discussions on the different themes identified at the webinar.


Aims of the seminar 

The aim of the seminar was to raise and to develop questions in relation to legal, ethical and social aspects of health-related data management and diagnostic outcomes (themes below) that may emerge from the HBP, and to explore possible outcomes. This was achieved through a constructive dialogue across backgrounds and areas of expertise. To this aim, the participants mainly worked in smaller group settings.


Themes at the seminar

  • Privacy and Anonymization of health data
  • Architecture of the federated data
  • Brain disease signatures and Personalized medicine


Participants in the seminar

Seminar participants included HBP researchers in the Medical Informatics programme (medical informatics), collaborators in the HBP Society and Ethics programme, as well as members of the HBP Research and Ethics Committees. Relevant stakeholder representatives and experts included those participating in the webinar as well as others in the fields of EU legislation on health data, bioethics, social science, cognitive science, psychiatry and public and patient involvement.

In the following you can find YouTube videos where experts express their opinions on the seminar: