Responsible use of brain research and super computing technologies

The Ethics and Society group of the Human Brain Project (HBP) has just published its opinion on “Responsible Dual Use” including recommendations for dealing with dual use concerns in relation to misuse of brain research and new computing technologies. As a consequence, The Human Brain Project has established a project-wide dual use working group to evaluate the research carried out within the project, and to disseminate the recommendations from the opinion, as well as experience accumulated through the work of the group itself. Target audiences include national governments, the European Commission, national and international research associations. The Danish Board of Technology Foundation has led the work on establishing the dual use working group.

For background information on the development of the Opinion please visit the “Social, Ethical, Reflective” part of the HBP website, as well as the pages of the individual partners of the Ethics and Society Group (click HERE).

The opinion on “Resposible Dual Use” can be accessed via THIS link.