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This site contains resources in relation to the Human Brain Project (HBP), produced by The Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBT). Here you will find publications, newsletters, webinars, information on upcoming and past events etc.





Future Events

For future events please see our event page


Previous Events

Here you can find descriptions of previous events arranged by DBT related to the HBP.




In our newsletters we cover societal, ethical and political issues related to the HBP research and sum up on work done by the DBT.









This webinar include four guest presentations related to Open Research Agenda Setting, and concerns the work of engaging and consulting the public in the beginning of a scientific process.


In this Webinar you can hear talks on Intelligent Machines, Human–Robot interaction: psychological and ethical issues, Cognitive computing and machine learning and Brain Computer interfaces and neuroprosthetics.


This webinar covers the topics of Dual use issues in biotechnology and infectious disease, Prevention of misuse, The ethics of AI and autonomous weapons and Introduction to dual use and neuroscience.


Opinion videos from experts from a seminar that covered the themes Privacy and Anonymization of health data, Architecture of the federated data and Brain disease signatures and Personalized medicine


  • Webinar on Multi-level patient data federation and the development of personalised medicine for brain diseases. The talks in this webinar covers two themes:
  1. The first theme ‘Multi-level brain data federation and protection’ covers the themes Legal Regulations and Data Privacy Issues, Ethically Justified Data Management, Data Anonymisation – The Use of Medical Data In Research and Data Anonymisation – Techniques and Anonymity. 
  2. The second theme covers ‘Development of ‘disease signatures’ and personalised medicine’. This theme covers the topics Personalised Medicine, and Psychiatric Diseases: The Main Societal Implications, Key Consideration in Effective Patient Participation, Challenges and Opportunities in Personalised and Data Driven Medicine and Personalised Medicine and Disease Signatures – Ability Expectation and Ableism.

Radio Interviews

  • P1 Orientering (Danish Radio) interview with Project Manager Nicklas Bang Bådum regarding preliminary results of EuropeSay Survey, 18.02.2020, begins at 46:49. P1 Interview.