Parliamentary hearing on “Prioritizing the land use – which planning tools should be used?”

On  the 27th of October, The Environment and Food Committee hosted the hearing which focused on the tools available for prioritizing different wishes for the future land use in Denmark, including tools for the municipal, national and cross-municipal levels.

During the hearing, participating experts presented a number of ideas and suggestions for local planning tools, stressing the importance of dialogue between the government and the municipalities as well as between the involved local stakeholders such as farmers, forest owners, authorities and citizens.

A panel was made with up of members from the Danish Parliament. They had been invited as to insure that a representative from each political party was present, and along with experts they were to debate the following:

  • Planning based on dialogue
  • Subsidies
  • Cross-municipal collaboration
  • Zonation


The Danish Board of Technology and Aalborg University is working on a two and a half year project on the future land use in Denmark. This project is supported by THE VELUX FOUNDATION and is intended to spark a wide public debate on what Denmark should look like in the future. The land available must fulfil several purposes, which up until now is not always the case, and priorities must be made in time to avoid largescale conflicts. Based on process of dialogue with the many stakeholders, this project will prepare recommendations for the future land use, new options and tools for the future planning.