Dual use and neuroscience. An online debate on current developments

December 22, 2014

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation invited to a webinar on ‘’Dual use and neuroscience”, focused particularly on the EU Human Brain Project.

In the webinar, experts on dual use ethics, policy and applications discussed the issues at stake.


Topics and speakers:

”Dual use issues in biotechnology and infectious disease”, by Prof. Michael Selgelid, director of The Center for Human Bioethics at Monash University

Prevention of misuse”, by Prof. Malcom Dando, professor of International Security at University of Bradford

The ethics of AI and autonomous weapons”, by Dr. Armin Krishnan, assistant professor at the Department of Political Science at East Carolina University

Introduction to dual use and neuroscience”, by Prof. Jonathan D. Moreno, professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Pennsylvania University


Commentary by:

  • Nikolas Rose, head of the HBP Foresight Lab at King’s College London
  • Karlheinz Meier, co-director of the HBP and co-leader of the HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform, Heidelberg University
  • Steve Furber, co-leader of the HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform, The University of Manchester


Audience had the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers during the webinar as well. The webinar was moderated by the Danish Board of technology Foundation.

To hear the different speakers at the webinar click the links below

Prof. Malcolm Dando

Dr. Armin Krishnan

Prof. Jonathan D. Moreno

Unfortunately the recording of the presentation by Prof. Selgelid was too damaged to share online.