BASE Adaptation Inspiration Book

February 23, 2017

23 European cases of climate change adaptation to inspire European decision-makers, practitioners and citizens

This book is inspired by the positive feedback received by the Adaptation Inspiration Book developed in CIRCLE-2, coordinated by the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.


The inspiration book is a culmination of four years extensive case study research carried out within the EU FP7 Project BASE: Bottom-up climate adaptation strategies towards a sustainable Europe (2012-2016). Pivoted largely on findings from a meta-analysis of BASE case study research, this book presents a brief overview of 23 diverse in-depth case studies that span across Europe, administrative levels, geographic scales, multiple sectors and transdisciplines. Case studies range from traditional analytical studies to participatory action research.

Depending on the climate change adaptation phase, needs and challenges, each case study focuses on one or a combination of methods applied in the climate change adaptation planning process, namely: economic evaluations of adaptation options; participatory applications; and implementation barriers and opportunities. A comprehensive description of methods and case studies can be found in BASE publications

we hope these case studies provide inspiration, motivation and guidance to European decision-makers, climate change adaptation practitioners and citizens to ponder, act, transform and adapt towards a sustainable Europe.