Public engagement in the Human Brain Project

Public engagement and dialogues (overview)

Poster on public engagement activities, November 2016

Poster on Stakeholder Forum activities, November 2016


EU Citizen meetings and discussions on Robots, super computing and dual use – 2016

Seminar on ‘Dual Use, Future Computing, Robotics and the Human Brain Project (HBP)’

EU HBP citizen dialogues on privacy and data protection in research projects.

Newsletter Citizen’s meeting, October 2016



Stakeholder Forums 2015

In 2015, The Danish Board of Technology Foundation organises a number of dialogues between researchers from HBP and external stakeholders.


Seminar on “Theory and data for advancing future neuroscience and the Human Brain Project (HBP)”.

Recommendations from “Theory and data for advancing future neuroscience and the Human Brain Project”

Brief summary from: Theory and data for advancing future neuroscience and the Human Brain Project (HBP)

Webinar January on ‘Dual Use and Neuroscience

Webinar October on ‘Future Computing and Robotics’

Newsletter Dual Use, October 2016


Stakeholder Forums 2014

In 2014, The Danish Board of Technology Foundation organised a number of dialogues between researchers from HBP’s medical informatics work package, and external stakeholders. The theme for the first year was “Multi-level brain data federation and data protection” and “Development of ‘disease signatures’ and personalised medicine”. For many of our activities we collaborate with the HBP Foresight Lab at King’s College London.

Webinar May on ‘Development of ‘disease signatures’ and personalised medicine’

Webinar May on ‘Multi-level patient data federation and the development of personalised medicine for brain diseases’

Seminar on ‘Expert dialogue on multi-level data federation in the Human Brain Project’

Newsletter: Living up to privacy and informed consent

For more on our collaboration partner, the HBP Foresight Lab, led by Prof. Nikolas Rose at King’s College, London, you may vist the page of Nikolas Rose


Other HBP Society and Ethics (SP12) members include:

Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB), Uppsala Universitet;

Institute Pasteur, Paris, France;

Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Abdul H. Mohammed Group, Karolinska Institut;

Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, de Montfort University;


The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a European initiative to understand the human brain and to enable advances in neuroscience, medicine and future computing. The HBP was launched in October 2013 and is planned to run for a 10-year period. The project is funded by EU under FP7 and Horizon 2020 including support from a special flagship, ERANET. It has a total budget of over 1 billion Euro. The project is organized in 13 subprojects and includes collaborators between more than 23 countries in Europe.

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation is part of subproject 12 (SP12), “Ethics and Society”. SP12 has the key role of pioneering an approach to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the HBP. The SP12 does this by exploring the social, ethical and philosophical implications of the research in the HBP, and by  promoting engagement with decision-makers and the general public.

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation:

  • Organises Stakeholder Forums where HBP researchers and external experts meet to discuss ideas, considerations and concerns arising from the HBP research, discoveries and technologies. Results from the fora will be shared with HBP researchers and management
  • Organises European Citizens’ Conventions where European citizens are involved actively in a broad and inclusive debate of the societal and ethical issues, allowing participating citizens to gain more knowledge on the work done in HBP and to express their attitudes


For further information see the Human Brain Projects main website and the description of sub-projects.