Successful dialogue meetings in Aarhus Municipality

During February and March The Danish Board of Technology has arranged several dialogue for Aarhus Municipality. Citizens, organizations, associations and companies participated in a debate on how Aarhus municipality in the future should be organized to provide the best service. What are the needs of the users in Aarhus municipality? What are the recommendations for the politicians?

On February 25 2013, 36 representatives from local companies participated at a dialogue meeting. During the weekend March 2nd and 3rd 61 citizens and representatives from local organizations and associations where gathered at another dialogue meeting.

Great enthusiasm among the participants
There was a great enthusiasm among the participants at the dialogue meetings. Claus Pape, who participated as a citizen wants to help the Municipality on important matters. “It’s a great idea to invite us here. It’s been really exciting. I think I live in a great city and would love to help when the city asks for it.”

Søren Sørensen, Chairman of Lystrup Joint Council, participated in associations’ debate and was impressed with the variety of ideas that emerged in the debate. “It’s really constructive and interesting. Everyone is very committed and we get both crazy ideas and ideas that are down to earth”.

The politicians are welcoming the results
The many concrete recommendations from the dialogue meetings have been forwarded to the City Council. On March 7 all the recommendations was presented by some of the participants from dialogue processes to the policy makers at a City Council conference. The politicians were enthusiastic about the many constructive suggestions, which are now included directly in the political negotiations on how Aarhus are to be organized in the future. The negotiations should be completed during spring.