Theme meeting on the current energy policy in Denmark

March 26, 2013

The Danish Government has decided on a 2020 plan on sustainable energy – but how do we reach the goals? The Danish Board of Technology held an after-work meeting with debate on energy policies.

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The Danish Government has set some clear policy targets for 2020 on the sustainable Danish energy future with a strong focus on energy conservation, sustainable energy and a strong reduction of fossil fuels. There are many different possibilities to reach these goals.

There is a need to resolve how to reach the energy targets given by the politicians. The purpose of this Theme meeting on Danish energy policies is to debate the need for energy planning, energy technology possibilities and challenges for production and use of energy in Denmark and which part different stakeholders will have.

• Michael H. Nielsen, CEO, The Danish Construction Association
• Søren Dyck Madsen, Energy and Climate Policy Advisor, The Danish Ecological Council
• Per Homann Jespersen, Lector, Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, RUC

Key issues at the meeting:
• How should we as a society cooperate and plan the energy effort and which adjustments should be made in order for us to proceed?
• Which energy tasks do we face locally, regionally and centrally?
• Which part will citizens have in the future energy effort?
• What are the main barriers to proceed and how do we overcome them?
• How do we find “the right” mix of sustainable energy technology solutions?
• How will the construction business participate?
• How can transport contribute?

Theme meetings
The Danish Board of Technology organizes a number of thematic meetings on society issues or trends that are current or needs a serious debate during this spring. The meetings will contribute to a status discussion, a new view, advice, recommendations, and projects and hopefully inspire to political decisions.