A Danish contribution to driverless vehicle?

August 28, 2015

The Danish Board of Technology has recently held a workshop assessing the Danish possibilities for taking part in the fast and vast development of driverless vehicles. Because of the complete absence of car production within our own borders, the neutral approach can be advantageous.

By Jørgen Madsen, DBT


RDM Group, Coventry UK – First UK Driverless Pod

Alongside the technical complications numerous of disciplines will have a role in the development of driverless vehicles: Urban planning, law, insurance, energy supply, terror protection, roadpricing and not the least – ethical considerations about software.

The workshop participants designate the freight sector as first mover to demand the use of public road network, as the sector has already integrated much of the necessary technologies within own ground. Another argument is the possibility for planning logistics very accurate. Danish Rail and the shipping company Maersk have been experts in this field for decades.

The public Danish road network is dense and in any way up to date and will as such function excellent as test area for development of both infrastructure technology and for regulations of driverless traffic. Much work concerning law and insurance is still to be considered and first of all authorities must be able to block a vehicle. Terror scenarios are right for.